The Divine LGBT Agenda: Being A Believable Believer In A Post-Truth World (Let God Be True)

The Divine LGBT Agenda: Being a Believable Believer in a Post-Truth World (Let God Be True)
by Dr. Ronnie L. Parson Sr.
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(Color Copy) No one wants to live in a chaotic world where there are no rules and laws governing human interactions. However, some rules and norms are useful and necessary while others are bad and arbitrary. In the American culture(s) there are common agendas to make the true and good and the moral and ethical to only apply to the sub-cultures that embrace them. For some, feeling right is preferred over being right: part of what is called “Post-Truth.” Among the targets are Christian Church ideologies and traditions that were once celebrated as divine truths and certain standards of godly behavior. Now many of these standards are being marginalized and dismissed as outdated traditions that are no longer applicable in a politically correct society. The notion should be alarming for believers who are to live by every word of God’s mouth. Also, by definition, the Christian Scripture is founded upon a tradition. To reject and rebel against church traditions because of the cynical use of some is to risk losing site of vital truths found in the word of God. All scripture is essential for life (Matt 4:4, Lk 4:4, 2 Tim 3:16). The divine LGBT agenda uses the Christian Bible as the source book for considering what is at stake and why believers in Jesus Christ should know the difference between what is true and what is not. Exclusive use of scripture is not to suggest that other disciplines and their discoveries are unnecessary for knowledge enhancement. It is part of the Divine LGBT agenda to recognize that all good and perfect gifts originate with God (Ja 1:17). All souls belong to Him (Eze 18:4). Among the good are contributions from theorists like psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and behaviorist Burrhus Frederic (BF) Skinner (both were professing atheist). Respectively they were deemed the father of psychoanalysis and developer of the theory of behaviorism, which systematically lays out an understanding of human behavior. So developments of history in various fields of disciplines, as well as technological advancements are all evaluated for the contributions to healthful living. But in a world where information about all things is compounding, being able to distinguish between what is fact and what is false and how to know the difference is critical and crucial. This book is not about what to think or how to think, but encouraging believers to think, and think critically about their behavior. In a “Post-Truth” world believers need to be believable! Neither is it an effort to make the God of scripture say and do that which is inconsistent with the volume of the book written about Jesus the Christ. However, the agenda asserts that subjective truths do not replace objective facts laid out in the Christian scriptures. Since the first lie recorded in history (Ge 3:1-5), humanity has moved away from the creator’s divine truth in search of their way of defining what is true. This quest for truth has given rise to many ideologies and new ways of thinking, knowing, and living. Absolute, relative and now “post” are some of the many prefixes used to augment humanities truths. Knowing what is true and what is a lie is as complicated as the history that gave rise to all which threatens the personhood. Human wisdom continues to be put against God’s truth as a viable competitor and alternative. However, the God of Scripture has an agenda. Those who search the scriptures with an open mind can discover it. This book uses the Christian Bible to allow Him to speak. It asks the reader to hear Him out and come to their conclusions based on what he says. It is not an effort to sway readers to believe anything based upon the author's argument. Neither is it a “how-to” book. It is a “go to” book for thinking through some challenges facing Believers in Christ. It is only asking the reader to give the God of scriptures a chance to speak for himself without the overtones of religiosity and personal ideologies. “Let God Be True.”




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The Divine LGBT Agenda: Being a Believable Believer in a Post-Truth World (Let God Be True) Dr. Ronnie L. Parson Sr.














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